• iFusion SmartStation: Using it couldn’t be easier - Robert
    "There’s nothing about using the iFusion day-to-day that isn’t intuitive, especially to someone who already owns an iPhone. The fit and finish are superb, giving the feel of a professional device that’s as nice as anything on your desk. " more
  • Altigen's iFusion: Fuses the Desk Phone & iPhone

    TMCnet - Rich Tehrani
    "It is a phone with a dock for an iPhone and a set of controls for bluetooth connectivity, speakerphone, volume and mute. The phone comes in black and white and I’ve tested both. They work well and the handset has a very solid feel to it – very professional and sturdy." more
  • Mac- and iPhone-based phone systems offer small businesses new, lower-cost options

    MacWorld - Joel Mathis
    The iPhone-centric iFusion can also save companies money by putting their employees’ personal iPhones to work, or providing one company iPhone for use in both the office and on the road. “If someone has invested in a smart device,” Plumer said, “it really is redundant to have a more expensive and often less-sophisticated piece of technology on your desktop.” more
  • How to turn your iPhone into a Landline Phone, using iFusion

    - Mac4Life83
    Ever want to ditch your landline phone to save money and just use your iPhone on the go and at home as a landline? If so, the new iFusion smartstation for iPhone lets you use your iPhone as a landline. Find out how in this video. watch on YouTube
  • The iFusion – one easy-to-use headset alternative

    Capture Technologies
    With the iFusion, users can connect their iPhones, iPads or other smart phones, such as Droid, into one easy-to-use headset alternative. With the iFusion, workers can still use their smart phones in the workplace and easily transport it home for when they’re working remotely. Major financial groups and even the CTO of the United Nations have started using the iFusion as their new Bluetooth solution. more
  • The iFusion, according to Edopeno

    - Edopeno
    Ed explains in layman's terms how the iFusion speakerphone docking station for iPhone works. watch on YouTube
  • iFusion replicates desktop telephone

    iLounge – Jeremy Horowitz
    The iFusion is "really trying to replicate the classic desktop telephone, and in most ways, it succeeds: both for radiation and sonic reasons, we legitimately preferred using the handset to holding an iPhone up to our ears, and the speakerphone’s volume and ease of use are also both definite selling points for those looking for a louder telephone calling option." more
  • Macworld Expo: Altigen Shows iFusion Docking Station for iPhone

    The Mac Observer - John F. Braun
    SAN FRANCISCO, CA : Altigen was showing off iFusion SmartStation for iPhone, an integrated communications docking station for the iPhone, at the recent... more
  • iFusion iPhone Dock

    Geeky gadgets - Julian Horsey
    Earlier today we featured the minimalistic iPhone Desktop handset device, but if you are looking for something a little more robust for daily desktop use... more
  • iFusion Smart Station docking station looks perfect for iPhone
    Consumers who have been hanging onto their hats for an integrated communications docking station that not only delivers an interesting array of features... more
  • iFusion Smart Station steps in for iPhone
    Consumers who have been hanging onto their hats for an integrated communications docking station that not only delivers an interesting array of features... more
  • iFusion Smartstation for iPhone

    Macworld - Lex Friedman
    The iFusion is perhaps the first iPhone accessory that is, in fact, a phone. Say what? The iFusion is a desktop phone cradle... more
  • iFusion SmartStation Makes iPhone a Desk Phone

    iPhone FAQ - Bob Bhatnagar
    The iPhone has many advantages over standard office phones... more
  • Macworld 2011: AltiGen iFusion Dock For iPhone

    Skatter Tech - Sahas Katta
    The environment at the Macworld 2011 Media Preview Reception was fairly dull. Only a handful of companies choose to attend and even fewer had... more
  • iFusion SmartStation turns your iPhone into a desk phone

    The Loop - Peter Cohen
    More consumers than ever before are ditching land lines in favor of cell phones, but there's still something to... more
  • iFusion Smartstation Turns iPhone Into Office Phone [Macworld 2011]

    Cult of Mac - Leander Kahney
    Business isn't usually this cool, but who wouldn't want this iPhone-dock-cum-desk-phone?... more
  • Cool Products at Macworld 2011

    [JLC] Best Impression of a Desk Phone -- AltiGen's $149 iFusion was at first...The iFusion can also play music through its built-in speakers or output it... more
  • Macworld without Apple focuses on add-ons and enhances for its...

    Seattle Times - Jeff Carlson
    Bluetooth is also a key component of the iFusion ($149, ... When the iPhone is in range, you can set the iFusion as the audio source (just as you would with... more
  • 5 Things That Got My Attention at Macworld Expo 2011

    Terry White’s Tech Blog
    Terry White points out 5 products from Macworld Expo 2011 that caught his eye... more
  • IFusion SmartStation for iPhone | Accessories

    Turn your iPhone into a Bluetooth-enabled speaker phone with the help of this accessory from Altigen... more
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